The National and Central

Friday night The National at the Malkin Bowl in Stanley Park. Sorry, not my photo. We decided to stay in the back near the fence to avoid the crowd, but the venue was small and intimate enough that we could still see from where we settled. They played a great show and expanded on some of their album songs.

But the real treat of the night was food and drinks afterwards at Central on Denman st. They offered a flight of Scotch as their friday night special, as well as a number of delicious and pretentious appetizers.

We started with an earthy Laphroaig from Islay (one of my favorite regions) before we shared the plate of BC oysters with a ginger mignionette.

Next was the smokey Balvenie Double Wood from Speyside in north-eastern Scotland. I find Balvenie to be pretty light, similar to MacAllen but a much smokier finish. I’d recommend any of Balvenie or MacAllen’s single malts to someone looking to begin exploring Scotch.

If I wanted a break from whiskey, I also ordered a “Back Hand of God Stout” from Crannog Ales which is an organic brewery based in Sorrento, BC. Chocolatey and hints of coffee without being overbearing… very nice stout!

We also ordered their cheese & meat taster. We decided on a pecorino, and a drunken goat with a house-made pate.

We finished the night off with the A’bunadh (pronounced Aboo-nar… we googled it) from Aberlour. It was something else. It’s described as an ‘after-dinner’ malt. I would have to agree. You could be eating a steak covered in peppercorns with a side of fresh garlic cloves covered in gorgonzola and this malt would steal the show. Very nice!

Music, food, good company… great night in Vancouver!
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  1. alison said:

    i'm glad they played "slow show", but i wished they had played "lemonworld"i really enjoyed the pecorino cheese! almost as tasty as those pairings we had at salt tasting room! i think my favorite there was the: oloroso sherry with the stilton and honey! amazing!

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