tuesday dinner with the fam.

my mom planned a tuesday dinner with the family as an extension of the wedding festivities to look at peoples photo’s and what not, as well as a small going-away party for me.

started the night off with some lovely organic potato vodka from Schramm Vodka based in Pemberton, BC. I’ve been told that most vodka is distilled from corn, and that this vodka has a different taste. and it’s true! i love this stuff!

we finished the night off with a fire in the back yard fire pit and roasted some ‘tofino-cookies’ over the embers, which are marshmallows stuffed with a caramilk!

my sis and i made up these cookies (which aren’t cookies at all) when we took a road-trip to tofino about 8 years ago. i remember that well… we loved the area, and being in an old-growth forest is almost a religious experience i have to say. but we couldn’t stand the apathetic-douchy-hippy attitude that the locals had. tofino’s heinous!  though we managed to track down some fresh oysters and clams. we downed the oysters raw and baked the clams in the embers of the fire. i bought a steak that night and carefully collected some clam nectar to glazed my steak with it. breakfast was some souffléd scrambled eggs with asparagus and some starbucks, cowboy-style!


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