finally made it to glasgow! after a long and convoluted journey from vancouver, to toronto, to montreal, to philadelphia, to glasgow… i made it! it really wasn’t all that bad, making the connections was stressful sometimes but i got some exercise running to and from opposite ends of airports!

the first stamp i have in my passport is unfortunately…

but then…!! they let me in! woooo!

can’t say much about the food here yet. i’ve spoken to a couple people at school and it seems that there is a LOT of curry around! for anyone that doesn’t know me, curry is my favorite food in the world.

lunch today is a simple ham and cheese sammich with some balkan-style (fruit on bottom) yogurt and a coffee.

here’s a couple quick shots i took while going out to get coffee and to register for school. nothing spectacular and i can’t wait to explore more!!!

it’s weird how people have these odd conceptions of the weather in canada. i suppose that american’s typically believe it’s icy-cold and dreary all year long. the scots i’ve spoken to seem to think it’s actually nice year-round! i’ve had warnings from people about the “rain” and “cold-weather”… so far, i’ve been sweating everywhere i go! i’m not expecting anything worse than halifax. yes, i know that vancouver receives more rainfall anually than halifax, BUT! in vancouver the rain comes straight down, in halifax it literally bounces off the concrete or is simply flying horizontally in the wind. scotland, do your worst!

i really don’t feel like i’m in a foreign country, glasgow reminds me very much of halifax and its very much a western country. i see iron-bru cars instead of redbull, fries are chips, chips are crisps, i’m sure crispers are still crispers… i haven’t had any problems understanding any accents, except from my flatmate who came from china, sometimes he can’t find the words for something.
i miss alison though. i keep her on my desk, and think about her day and night.
“hey ryan, who’s that hottie on your desk?” oh her? yeah, she’s my wife… that’s right.

talk to you all soon! i love you bee!
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  1. alison said:

    awww my bear is in glasgow! i'm glad you might have the chance to sample some great curries! nothing will compare to suki's though ;)miss you lots and lots and lots!

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