good start.

well, i just had a great meal in glasgow! a couple friends from dalhousie, who are also on the dal/strath exchange with me, just got in today. michael and andrew got into scotland a week ago and spent a few days in paris and london, and tara was in last night but just met up at the meeting for international student orientation for architecture. anyways…

we decided to walk over to the glasgow school of art, the main building for it is a famous landmark building designed by Charles Rennie MacKintosh. we went in, because being the keen architecture students we are, we wanted to investigate! after about 30 seconds of looking at the foyer, a very rude security guard notified us that it was not a museum. so we left. understandably, it is a functioning school and you don’t want tourists exploring on a whim, but still… you have be a wanker!

for dinner, we went down to Merchant City for dinner (SUPER cool area with a very RICH history). the international exchange organizer at strath gave us a bit of history about glasgow today, which was pretty neat. i had always understood that there was a class divide between glasgow and edinburgh, one being a working-class and the other aristocratic. but when michael angus (the organizer) explained the history of glasgow, he portrayed it to be a city of much wealth with ancient beginnings.

here’s a shot i took yesterday of the train station of buchanon street.

i’m going to have to suck it up and just start taking more photos… i hate looking like a tourist, but i have to photograph it!! I’d rather explain with images than words… BOO TEXT!

here’s one from the other day also, i don’t even know what building this is! but it’s quite forboding on the horizon!

we ate at a pub/restaurant called Maggie May’s on Argyle and Albion. i ordered the pork plate and michael and andrew both got a lime+cardamom crusted pork chop. at first glance, the place is a bit like a pretentious 80’s punk looking but they actually do decent food! the music was loud and took me back 10 years. incubus, deftones, afi… oh those were the days (not really)!

sorry for the poor photo quality, only brought my point and shoot

mine was a plate of a grilled pork chop, a slab of slow-roasted pork belly, a bit of black-pudding, some mashed potatoes and a root veggie mix, all with a bit of gravy. i’d never had black pudding before, click the link if you don’t know exactly what it is… i knew the main ingredient but not the prep. it was actually pretty tasty, but a bit grainy.

tara ordered one of their burgers, which looked amazing and i had to take a picture… i think it was a chicken burger with back bacon and a giant onion ring with chips.

poor light + no flash (hate flashes in restaurants…) + point and shoot… at well, you get the point

i couldn’t help but order a sticky-toffee pudding for dessert.

microwaved… but delicious!

i ordered everyone a scotch to try after dinner too, since they had never had it before and were interested in trying it. i ordered a MacAllan 10yr (sherry oak) for tara, since i find it to be quite light. for micheal it was the Auchentoshan 12yr, and for andrew it was Glenmorangie Original (i can’t believe how much work these distilleries put into their webpages! i did not expect that!) and i had a Laphroaig.

from now on, i’ll have more photos…


  1. alison said:

    woooooow that train station looks AMAZING!wow again that FOOD looks like it could feed an ARMY! i'm going to have to hit the gym before i come visit you at Christmas!very nice post bubs! miss you lots!

  2. Michelle said:

    This blog is great, Ry!! Just checked it out – the pictures and descriptions are making my mouth water and your writing is interesting and often funny. Good job!m. PS you have be a wanker!

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