ok, i said yesterday that i’d take more photos… so today i took over 300! here we go!

this morning i started off a little late. i don’t know why, but i slept in until 11.30… i had to be at a presentation for the 4th year architecture curriculum for 12 so i was in a bit of a hurry after i woke up. i grabbed a coffee from the over-priced cafe by my building (i guess you pay for the convenience of not having to walk down the hill) and went to the lecture. blah blah blah…

afterwards i went to the model store to pick up some supplies to start the first project (a model of a primitive hut design) and to the art store for some trace paper and sketching materials. the art store didn’t have any olfa knives and i had some scale lumber to cut, so i asked where the nearest hardware store was. the clerk told me to head up buchanon, left on suchiehall, and left down west nile by the starbucks to the ironmonger shop. (ish) so i headed over!

with the idea that i would not be held back by feeling like a tourist, i stopped to take a photo of a neat old building under some renovations that i thought was cool because it had fairly mature-looking shrubbery growing out on bits of it.

fortunately i stopped, because while i was fiddling with camera settings i heard the sound of drums and pipes banging and whining through the streets… i followed my ears and found this band playing infront of the department store (exactly like the bay…)

it was pretty awesome! very HIGH energy!

i stopped to take a photo of the train station again because i really like it.

after i got home, i said hi to my flatmate from France, Louis. he was about to go meet some friends and head to the west-end of glasgow and invited me along. SO glad i went!

his name for me is Canada, and i call him France. YO FRANCE!

i didn’t know it, but the University of Glasgow is something else…

my friend Daniel from Poland, we’re going to edinburgh tomorrow
a SCHOOL… people take CLASSES there!

across the river is the Kelvingrove Art Gallery which looks like an ancient building but was built in 1887. quite stunning.

my friends Nicola from France and Zi Zi from Italy
just something you see walking down the streets…

after some walking around, we started talking about food, and bounced between a couple places and decided on this one. france has a friend who has lived in glasgow and he recommended this place. called the big blue.

as you can see, it’s kind of tucked into the underside of a build up roadway. the ceiling inside is the vaulted stone holding up the earth above, pretty awesome!

the food was actually pretty good, we shared some pizza.

zi zi and i had the salsiccia with italian sausage, mozzarella, tomato and chilli.

daniel and my german friend thomas shared a pancetta pizza with bacon, tomato, garlic and mozzarella

and of course…

just another spire… nothing special
daniel’s camera from his brother.

afterwards, we went to France’s friends house in the west-end for dinner #2 and a couple more drinks.

french, french, polish.

we left at midnightish and took a cab back to the school. the cabbie dropped us of at a phone booth and we found this inside:

wish you were all here! i had a lot of fun today! i’m off to edinburgh tomorrow with daniel. it’s about a 45 minute bus ride from the station in glasgow so we’ll just be there for the afternoon. can’t wait!


  1. Michelle said:

    Ha ha ha! I love the phone booth photo!!

  2. alison said:

    that train station looks amazing! great shot!

  3. alison said:

    picture 9 is breathtaking.. i can just hear pigeons fluttering from the rafters 🙂

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