glasgow cathedral + necropolis.

well, unfortunately i didn’t manage to make it out to edinburgh yesterday because i was feeling like a cold was coming on. i didn’t feel terrible, but i didn’t want to push it and decided it was a better idea to just take a day off.

today, i went to the glasgow cathedral and necropolis with my friend daniel from poland, who is also in architecture but in 3rd year, and my friend thomas from germany. i had gone to the cathedral before with my friends from dal, but i neglected to take any photos. this time, i didn’t hesitate!

the cathedral is undergoing some repairs to remove the black soot from the outside, as well as replacing some of the mortar between the stones to reduce water penetration. on the way to the cathedral, daniel and i were talking about this process and whether or whether not it enhances or reduces the beauty of the building. we both agreed that we liked the black dirty look of it over a clean and polished look. i think that when it was built originally, it was intended to be immaculate inside and out. but now that it has endured the wear of time, i believe the scars are what makes it beautiful.

the glasgow cathedral had its first foundation stones laid somewhere in the mid 15th century. it is fabled that st. mungo, the man responsible for the cathedral, was a bit of a drinker and when he was on his way to mark where the church should be built, he fell off his donkey. and because of this, the church is just slightly off the top of the hill.

this is the first cathedral (not technically a cathedral anymore, but is still a functioning church) i’ve ever been to. i am very fond of stone construction, and being able to touch the stone in the building is quite an amazing experience for me. absolutely beautiful.

the last shot was a view from the glasgow necropolis, which was the next stop! it’s was amazing up there. it’s on quite a steep hill and there’s lots of paths/roads that twist and turn their way to the top. coming from the cathedral, you have to go over a bridge.

on our way back, we popped into the oldest house in glasgow built around 1471, which sits on high street and macleod right on (possibly not technically) our campus.

i guess people were smaller 500 years ago.

wooden joists on about 3′ centers, i’d assume the floorboards are at least 3″ thick.

i thought it was beautiful how the stone has been worn down over 539 years of visitors.

not sure if this is original or a replica, but very nice nonetheless.

sorry, no special food yet today, just a ham+salami sammich in my room! my next destination is the wee curry shop just up the street from the glasgow school of art. possibly tonight… we’ll see how lucky i am!

i bought a UK phone today so i can talk to my bee, whom i miss very much.



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