edinburgh part one.

i made it out to edinburgh today… finally! watching the photos download from my camera onto my computer suggests that this will have to be a 2 part post.

it was absolutely wonderful out there! i have blisters on my feet because… you’ll have to wait for post two!

i mentioned in a previous post, i had learned about the divide of class differences between glasgow and edinburgh. but i’ve also learned that tourism in glasgow has been steadily increasing since around the 1990’s because the city of glasgow has put an effort into cleaning it up and marketing it as a destination. the international exchange prof at strath, michael angus, said that he was on a train once to glasgow from edinburgh and got speaking with some tourists on their way FROM edinburgh TO glasgow. he said it was an odd experience because he had never heard of this happening before because edinburgh had always been the tourist destination.

well… i can certainly say there are a lot of touristy things in edinburgh. it reminded me of downtown victoria with all the CANADA!!!!!!11 shops lining the streets with maple leaves swatting you in the face everywhere you turn. well, in edinburgh the streets are lined with bright red plaid awful music that mixes bagpipes with electric guitar and drums… seriously, is that necessary?! i love pipes and electric guitar, but to me… they should never mix.

welcome to edinburgh!

for you 90’s kids.

first things first! FOOD! my long-time friend ryan kelly, whom i went to high-school with and is scottish, recommended i try a place called the tempting tattie which specializes in none other than, the baked potato. and damn, do they ever know how to do a baked tattie.

ryan recommended the chicken tikka pasta and half greek… i ordered a small chicken tikka and after seeing the size, i decided to hold the greek. the topping is kind of a chicken curry-pasta salad.

somewhere under there is a fat dollop of butter and some cheddar cheese.

the small shop was full, so we decided to have our meal on a stone wall at the top of a ledge.

yep, it was worth it ryan.

afterwards, we meandered around the streets on our way up to edinburgh castle.

more on this later…

so we made it up to the castle and it was very impressive. we looked at the prices for admission, and decided our money was better spent elsewhere. well… i have to admit, i really wanted to go in but all the other guys took a pass. i would very much like to go with alison when she comes to visit me for christmas, and we can take our time wandering through it! can’t wait!

one difference i noticed between edinburgh and glasgow, is that edinburgh is quite a lot older. and everything is awesome! there are tons of little alleys between buildings that lead to courtyards, or are passages to other streets. they’re very beautiful, close quarters, dark, old, damp… but amazing!

afterwards, we worked our way over to the scottish parliament building designed by enric miralles at embt in 2004.

edinburgh part two will up up sometime tomorrow, time permitting. keep in touch!


  1. alison said:

    great pictures ry! i think i'll need a tattie when i come and visit!! 🙂

  2. alison said:

    where's part two!!! i need to see part two!!

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