edinburgh part two.

hihi! sorry it took me 2 days to post this but i was feeling lazy!

like i said in my last post, we worked our way from edinburgh castle to the scottish parliament building.

if you’ve ever wondered what insanity looks like, look no further…

very interesting architecture, but absolutely insane. i cannot imagine what the working drawings looked like…

so we meandered around the building (as far as we were allowed, we had to pass through airport-like security to enter the building and were relatively free to roam) and i *attempted* to explain the roof structure over the assembly room. i enjoyed following the load paths through the timber and steel cables to the flying buttresses! it’s not too often you see a flying buttress on a modern building!

so we left the building and continued on our way up to holyrood park! thomas looked on his gps and it’s around 300m in elevation.

edinburgh castle.

up, up, up the path we go!
(props if you get the quote!)

a trip to scotland is incomplete without heather.

last post i posted a photo of “the scotch whiskey experience” and said “more on this later”. well, now it’s later! we didn’t go on the tour, because it was expensive and took about 2 hours to do, but it would have been interesting for a scotch fan. instead, we browsed the shop they had there and i pointed out all my fav’s to my friend nicola who is keen to start enjoying scotch. we saw all my favorites, which was maybe 2% of their selection… i need to taste more!! but we bought a couple i’ve not had before. i had had some from the same brands, but different ages. i bought 2 tasting glasses too!

back in halifax, my friend hassan and i went to a shop to buy a bottle for our scotch club at dal and there was a tasting for highland park so we decided to have a go. we had the highland park 18 and we both just about dropped. smooth, clean, creamy… delicious!

i suggested highland park to nicola, so he picked up a taster bottle of 18. i went for the 25 and i also got a taster of auchentoshan 18. hassan and i bought a bottle of auchentashen double wood from a suggestion by a man who worked at the liquor store where we tried the highland park 18. i enjoyed it so i thought i would try another vintage.

so we hiked all the way up the top of holyrood hill, which wasn’t a serious hike but definitely gets the blood moving! the hill is high enough to sit in clouds when they’re low, so all we saw that day was a floor of mist all around us. it was magical! the whole experience was FANtastic!

thomas, nicola, daniel, zizi, me.

(thanks daniel for taking our photos while we had a dram!)

we didn’t eat until we got back to glasgow, those tatties were the perfect meal for a long day out on our feet! edinburgh was extremely touristy, but i think touristy things are that way for a reason. they are absolutely spectacular! i can’t wait to roam around inside the castle with alison.

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  1. alison said:

    beautiful, AWEsome photos ry! love the shot of the castle from the park! and nice job on the scotch tasting at the top! 🙂

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