diner avec mes amis.

this is a combo post of a couple dinners i had with my friends. see mom, i’m eating well!

this first meal was a quick pasta dinner after a couple games of squash! i had never played squash before but it was a lot of fun and we’re going to keep playing. though, i’ve been sore for the past couple days because of it!

on thursday, france and i decided on a spur-the-moment dinner because we were both hungry and he said he had too much food that was going to go bad otherwise!
we whipped up a quick tomato, onion, asparagus, lettuce and bocconcini with balsamic vinegar and olive oil and a pinch of salt to dress it.
the main was some roasted potatoes and carrots with olive oil, salt and some garlic (just a bit, to add a hint of flavour!) i told louis i’d make him something french to i browned some butter in a pan and tossed in a bunch of mushrooms with some salt and pepper as a topper for some mince.

dinner was followed by a bit of a modelling session. our warm-up project was based on an international design competition (based in japan) to design a primitive hut. the competition was basically wide open to interpretation and we were free to do basically whatever we wanted so long as we maintained the “primitive hut” concept.
my interpretation was strip architecture down to it’s basic fundamental concept (this is just my opinion though, and they do vary). so to me, the basic concept of architecture is shelter. a floor, a wall, and a roof. we were free to pick any site we wanted and i decided on an ambiguous south-facing, tree’d- slope in the pacific northwest. nothing fancy by any stretch, but it was a good warm-up!

i’m hoping to get out to fort william or glen coe this weekend with some friends. we’ll have to rent a car and drive but i totally think it’d be worth it! we’ll see how it goes!
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  1. alison said:

    yum!! i'm hungry!!very neat model ry, you definitely need to save some of those instead of recycling them so that we can have some decor for our future home 🙂

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