glen coe part 1.

glen coe is peacefully located in the scottish highlands just south of fort william and south west of loch ness. it is infamous for a massacre, in which the campbell clan murdered members of the macdonald clan, that happened in the late 17th century. the undergraduate secretary for the architecture school said it was one of her favorite places in the world and we just had to go!

certainly a highlight of scotland. glen coe is as picturesque as a romantic novel would portray it. complete with the charm of quaint villiages, friendly locals and incredibly dynamic weather.

going through my photos now, even though they may be nice photos, really do not come close to conveying the feeling of this land. one of the most interesting thing that happens here is how quickly the weather changes. small rain clouds come and go, blocking the sun almost completely. they are often very close to the ground so that they cast a hard-shadow on the ground that creates a frame for picturesque views.

the land is typically quite bare. i would guess there is little soil on top of the stone hills so there aren’t many large stands of trees. the wind and rain cause many exposed edges of rocks poking out everywhere that, when wet, catches the light and shines.

i feel like i’m writing a romantic novel now! but it was an absolutely beautiful place. driving through the valley, almost everywhere we looked we’d all exclaim and remark about how amazing it was.

we took the A82 highway north up along loch lomond, so our first stop was somewhere along the loch (not exactly sure where but we were still fairly south on the loch)

we stopped a few times along the way too. this is the power station in inveruglas on loch lomond.

next stop: lunch!

as we were looking at the menu, a man sitting and eating behind us mentioned that this place had the best fish & chips he had ever had. we got to chatting with him for a few minutes and it turned out that he and a friend were on a highland hiking-trip and were from milan!

we took his advice and got the fish & chips… his description was pretty accurate.

here are some more views as we continued the drive.

stay tuned for post 2!

  1. alison said:

    that glam shot of Louis is making me jealous! i want you to take me to glen coe! it looks so beautiful!

  2. ryan said:

    indeed it is danger… dangerously close to the water at that.

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