glen coe part 2.

i’m going to try to split up my posts a bit more. last week i ran out of material and had nothing to post about for a few days, so i’ll pace myself now!

so, we were still on our way to glen coe but past loch lomond now. we stopped at a nice little waterfall with a cool curved-bridge going over the creek.

it wasn’t until we arrived in glen coe, that i noticed my camera battery was dying! crap i thought it would have lasted longer, so i started pacing my photos… but that meant that i don’t have many IN glen coe unfortunately!

we didn’t actually stay in glen coe either. we stayed in the next small town ballachulish at the stathassynt guesthouse b&b. when we arrived, we knocked on the door of the guest house and a very pleasant englishman answered. he explained that he and his wife bought the property about 6 years ago and now live there and run the b&b full-time. we had a very nice room with a double-bed and bunk.

it was just dusk when we arrived and the sun was retreating quickly so we asked the owner (mike) if there was a nice walk we could go on before it got too dark to see where we were going. right around the side of the building was a trail leading to the water (loch leven, which is a marine body that links out to the ocean). we headed out and enjoyed the amazingly fresh air and beautiful scenery.

we followed the path back to the road and walked back towards our room. luckily for us, just across the street was the pub! we stopped in for a couple pints and a geography lesson! between the three of us, we attempted to map the world country by country.

it was all very amusing!

we rose (fairly) early in the morning because we had to leave by 10ish to have the car back in time. we were served a wonderful locally sourced breakfast too! we had some poached eggs, english back-bacon, home-made sausages and a grilled tomato. i asked mike’s wife chris where the eggs came from because they were delicious and so nice and golden. she said that she gets them from a local farmer who has a special feed he uses to make sure the eggs are particularly flavourful and colourful! but she said he was retiring next spring, which is really a shame because they were fantastic!

sorry, i have no pictures of the breakfast because of the whole battery issue, but believe me… it was wonderful!

we didn’t want to head directly back the way we came so we decided we could head west towards oban, and do a loop around before we doubled back down to glasgow. we turned back east at connel where we found a super cool tidal bore! if you zoom in (connel) you can actually see it by the bridge.

it’s a good thing i was being conservative with my battery because on the way back to the highway, we stumbled across st. conan’s kirk on loch awe. a church with a chapel dedicated to robert the bruce.

stay tuned!


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