happy thanksgiving.

one year when i was going to school at ubc-okanagan, i decided to stay in kelowna for thanksgiving. as the day approached i just kept telling myself: “it’s just another day, it’s not big deal…” and tried to believe it. the day of, felt no different than any other day. but as it came closer and closer to dinner i began to feel more and more alone.

i was living in a basement suite (sort of… did not have a stove, or proper sink) about 2km south-west of the school by a small lake that dries up in the summers. it was the back-road and did not actually connect to the school but you could hop a fence to get there, all you had to do was avoid the rottweiler at the end… his bite wasn’t as bad as his bark but he did nip at me a few times!

the woman who lived above me was having her son and daughter over for thanksgiving and very fortunately for me, they invited me upstairs! it was a wonderful surprise because i was feeling pretty down about being alone on such a fun traditional day.

because of this, i vowed to never spend thanksgiving alone again. and to always be particularly appreciative of the things you are thankful for on that day.

my friend tara, from dalhousie, came over and we invited a few of our foreign friends to come share this canadian tradition with us. we tried our best to explain what it was about, but ultimately it was a time to be thankful. before dinner, we all said out-loud what we were thankful for before we began our dinner.

we made a lovely salad, that i forgot to take a photo of!!! i was too busy making the chicken and they gobbled it all up before i was able to take a photo of it! it was beautiful AND delicious. butter-crunch lettuce (or “living lettuce”) and spinach in a simple balsamic and extra virgin olive oil dressing with salt and pepper. we topped it off with some julienned beets, sliced raddish, goat cheese and a squirt of lime juice. very lovely and colourful.

dinner was a pretty simple pan-fried chicken thigh with fresh sage under the skin, olive oil, and simmered in some balsamic vinegar and sugar with roast potatoes and carrots.

france and his friend sophie brought some mince pies for dessert!

happy thanksgiving!



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