westend02 part1.

my friend louis and i went to the westend of glasgow today to take some photos of a building which is to be the site of our renovation project for school. we toured a round a bit, and of course i took photos!

afterwards, we arranged to meet a couple of our friends at a restaurant called ‘ketchup‘ which claims to have the best burger in glasgow. you’ll have to wait for my review for next post.. muaahahaha!

we started out on buchanon street and then went south to st. enoch underground. this post and the next post i’ve tried a bit more “photoshopping” with my photos and adjusted the colour balance/levels/contrast/saturation more than i normally do. let me know what you think! yay or nay?

while waiting for our friends to arrive, louis and i drew a picture together.

review to follow!

  1. alison said:

    "yay"very neat post ry! love the photos!

  2. alison said:

    ps. i love the "ketchup" sign and the shot of the cobbled street! nice work!

  3. ryan said:

    Thanks! The street is called Ashton Lane. I think it's one of the coolest streets I've ever seen. Sort of reminds me a little of the new (gentrified) streets and alleys in gastown.

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