isle of arran part2.

and so we left the distillery just after noon and decided that we’d start walking down the road rather than wait for the bus. we were told that all you have to do is flag the bus down, and it’ll stop anywhere. that was a convenience that afforded us the ability to meander around at our own pace.

it was mating season for the island deer, so we got the chance to see quite a few. seeing deer is a fairly common thing in bc, and it for sure is here too. the locals, i’m sure, thought we were stupid tourists for stopping to take a photo of the common animal. i’ve only ever seen white-tail and there are red deer in scotland. they look a bit more robust and rugged than white-tail i think, and suit their primeval habitat.

i often wish i had some kind of zoom lens, rather than only having a 50mm… one day! but i’m quite enjoying my current lens, that i appropriated from my dad’s kit, and it suits most of my needs. we found 3 bucks sitting on one of arran’s famous golf-courses. wonderful creatures they are.

we walked down the road about a half hour to a small 13th century castle. of course, on the way i took a few photos.


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