porto -> madrid -> valencia -> barcelona…

stay tuned! leaving tomorrow morning at 4am… seriously what the hell. flying to london, london to porto. it’s a school trip to scope out a site for our next design project, an architecture school. so we’ll spend some time with the class going around some sites, and maybe even  alvaro siza’s office… but for sure to some of his work!

we’re in porto for 5 days then off to madrid overnight then to valencia. my friend louis has a friend in erasmus (EU exchange program) from france going to school in valencia that we’re going to stay with.

valencia to barcelona is up to us when we go. my friends reza, houtan and i think will, from dalhousie, are going to be in barcelona for the 27th and we’re going to meet up with them! it’ll be a great trip!

i only have 8gb on my camera… 10 days in portugal/spain is MORE than enough to fill that up. on my day/2 day trips around the highlands i’ve used up about 6gb each trip. i’ll either have to not shoot in raw or be super conservative with my shooting! we’ll see how it goes!!


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