porto. post01

I wish I brought my battery charger… I think I judged my battery life pretty well because my battery died completely the day I was supposed to leave barcelona (was grounded due to snow in the UK) and i think i got some pretty decent shots.

i never managed to make it to madrid or valencia because of a general strike in portugal barring transportation to and from the country on the 24th. ryanair gave us a free flight change for the flight that was cancelled so we decided to stay an extra day in porto and go directly to barcelona. after weighing the options a bit, including a half day trip to madrid… we decided it was more worthwhile to spend a longer time in barcelona than rush through cities.

after getting on the train into porto from the airport, the first real stop was right out side the casa de musica by rem koolhaus. it was unreal… more on that later!

this post is going to be a very brief intro to porto and the first things we got to see. when i got home, i started going through my photos, trying to think how i’m going to organize posts because there was SO many cool things and amazing eats. i’ll see how it goes… it might end up just being chronological.

hope you enjoy my photos!

view from our hostel balcony

much, much more to come soon!


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