the day after we arrived in porto, we walked into town along the water.

playing with fake tilt-shift still

how to fake a tilt-shift effect in photoshop:

open your image
enter quick-mask mode (bottom of your tool panel, icon is a rectangle with a circle in it)
select gradient fill (make sure it’s a 3-tone linear fill, icon looks like 3 stripes, black-white-black)
click and drag where you’d like the focus to be (horizontal orientation is typical)
hold shift to constrain the line to x-y axis and draw a line up or down the photo to create the gradient fill
release the button
you should now have a red/transparent gradient with the red part being where you wanted your focus to be
you’ll have to play around with it a bit to get it in the right spot
like where it is?
exit quick mask mode (this creates a gradient selection from the fill you made)
go to filter
lens blur (the dialogue should pop-up)
now make sure your depth map source is none
now change the radius of the blur to achieve your desired blurriness

urban infil

stray cats everywhere

more tilt shifting


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