While A is busy working away on her defense these last few weeks, we decided to pick up some quick and easy comfort food for lunch/snacks. We’re both big fans of cheese and cured meats and sausages and of course… beer! So we picked up some plain old sausage from Save-On and decided to try out some Guinness cheese and couldn’t resist one of our favorites: smoked gouda!
We both like making the extra trip out to Save-On because our favorite beer and wine store, Spinnakers, is in the same lot. When A lived at her place in Vic-West, we used to go there more frequently but have to make a trip out there now. The staff there all love beer and wine and seem generally quite knowledgeable about the stock there.
I had tried this Fraoch Heather Ale when I was in Glasgow last year at the Bier Halle place just off Buchanan St. Spinnakers always has a great stock of different beers from around the world and just happened to have this so we decided to pick up a bottle. I tasted some nice round Belgian-like creaminess and just a nice faint hint of floral. Most Scotch whiskey is heavily flavoured by the air and water of the Scottish landscape, and you could tell this beer is made with the same influences. If you get the chance, make an effort to try this.
I’ve heard a lot about Pumpkin Ales over the years and had never had/made the chance to try one, so we also picked up a really nice Pumpkin Ale from Buffalo Bill’s Brewery in Portland, Oregon. It was very nice and mild with a hint of pumpkin and comforting spices.
We also picked up a (fairly) local Sap Sucker maple porter from Fernie Brewery. As porters generally are, this was strong and bitter-sweet, and because of the maple syrop added, finished with a nice maple flavour.

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