One of the reasons why the coast of BC will remain the most beautiful places on earth, for me, is spring. BC’s winter isn’t quite as bad as east-coast Canada, in terms of temperamental weather patterns, but it’s equally as dreary, cold and wet. In my opinion, however, this makes us appreciate the coming of spring and summer all that much more. Everything seems to wake up and explode during the first couple weeks of spring here and I can’t imagine being anywhere else.

A and I have been going on walks around Victoria to take a break from studies/work and to enjoy the weather (yes, including rain!). We take turns with the camera, and we stop the smell the roses…

We went back to Save-On because we had to return some bottles to Spinnakers again (like we need an excuse to go) and picked up some more cheeses and beer!

I chose some honey bee goat cheese and A picked out some blue stilton (partially inspired by one of our favorite brit comedies Chef!). For beer, we picked up Black Stone Porter, which surprisingly/coincidentally pairs well with smoked foods (our sausage + gouda) and stilton cheese! It was very nice to drink casually and wasn’t terribly bitter and had very nice chocolate+coffee notes like a good porter should.

One thing A and I have been talking about is making bread! We recently bought Tartine Bread after being inspired by this video on Vimeo:

Tartine Bread from 4SP Films on Vimeo.

  1. Amy said:

    Have you made any of the bread from the Tartine cookbook? If you’re ever in San Francisco, you have to stop by the bakery (and before 10am for the best selection of treats!).

    • ryan said:

      Not yet! We’re in the process of building a bread/beer making cabinet for our kitchen and we’ve been too busy setting up the house! Going to the bakery is on my bucket list 🙂

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