I originally tried the collaborative Big Smoke ale from Russel and Storm breweries (BC) on a whim when I was at the beer store. I really loved it… I am a big fan of Scotch whiskey so it was wonderful to taste an ale with a strong peat flavour. There’s lots of “scotch” ales but I think this one is special.

So beer and chocolate… I guess it’s not a typical pairing but I’m excited about the possibility. A and I recently went to a cool shop in Gastown and bought some Mast Brothers chocolate. We picked up Brooklyn Blend, Almonds and Sea Salt and… Vanilla & Smoke.

I can’t say much other than that it’s a perfect pairing. The beer is nice and dark. It doesn’t really lend itself to a “drinking” beer, I mean you can’t just pound these back, so you should consider when you’re drinking it. The chocolate isn’t the kind you would want to waste on frivolous eating, you want to savour every bite. Between the smoke, the bitter and richness of each, you get a really strong pairing.



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