Living so close to Kintaro might be hazardous to my health, but at least it’s delicious!

Kintaro is a tiny little Japanese ramen noodle restaurant that, for all intents and purposes, ignited the growing ramen noodle trend in Vancouver. Some might disagree, but I think Kintaro is hands down the best place for a bowl of ramen in Van. Their broth is rich, creamy, salty and packed with BBQ pork flavour. I’m not sure where they source their noodles from, or if they make them in house but they are the best noodles in town. I find other restaurants’ noodles too starchy and they don’t retain the ‘al dente’ texture that Kintaro’s does.

My favorite is the miso ramen where the put a big blob of miso paste in with the broth which adds to the richness. It was after about 3 or so years of going there that Alison and I discovered fat pork. All this time we had been getting lean, which is good in it’s own right, but can’t hold a candle to the soft, salty, porky deliciousness that is fat pork. You get 2 generous slabs with your bowl that melt in the hot broth. Alison typically orders the cheese ramen and “Ladies favorite” as Kintaro says on their menu. You get a huge pile of grated mozza with a nice big slab on top.

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