Tartine starter day 0

Spring is coming!

So I’ve finally gotten around to making a starter from my Tartine bread book. It really only took about 10 minutes to make, and that includes cleanup. It’s quite simple:

50/50 mix of whole wheat and white flour with some water. I made about 1c of starter in a pyrex measuring cup with luke warm water mixed to a slightly runny dough mix.

Last summer, Alison bought me some nice flour from The Flour Peddler who mills his flour with a pedal powered flour mill on the Sunshine Coast. Now I wait a couple days for the culture to grow and move to step 2! It takes about a week to get a healthy starter going so by next weekend I hope to be enjoying some delicious and fresh homemade bread.

Thanks for the photo’s A.

Photo by Alison Page

Photo by Alison Page

I’ve been working for HCMA now for a couple weeks and I’m loving it. Here’s a photo from just outside the office at Granville Island.

  1. Amy said:

    Excited for the bread! Vancouver looks beautiful.

    • Ryan said:

      woohoo me too! Vancouver in spring is amazing… it’s wet but it grows amazing things!

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