Tartine starter day 3.

No I didn’t skip a day! The book says to give it 2-3 days until you see bubbles start to form around the sides. I would think that because I’m using this nice flour that there’s lots of natural yeast hiding in the grain, because after just under 2 days my starter was bubbling away like crazy! It was alive!

So I scooped out about 80% of the starter and ‘fed’ it again with the same 50/50 whole wheat/white flour mix and luke warm water. Can’t wait until the next feeding tomorrow!

Here’s a couple shots I took outside of HCMA again today after work of “The Waterfall Building”. Kinda gimicky if you ask me, but fun nonetheless.

  1. Amy said:

    Did you make bread with the starter that you scooped out?

    • Ryan said:

      No but that’s a great idea. I didn’t even think of that, I just assumed that it wasn’t ready but my starter seems to be pretty active. It’d be a good indicator if my flour is ok or not, this stuff is pretty coarse even with the “white”. I might cut it with 50% all-purpose white from the store to make a whiter loaf of bread.

      The best part, is I can experiment! Thanks for the comments!

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