Over the last couple days…

I’ve been trying to take my camera around with me wherever I go so I can get used to shooting again. I feel rusty and I know that I have to improve a LOT before I can start unleashing the potential of my new camera.

My Tartine bread starter is coming a long nicely, it’s smelling pretty ripe now so I’m excited for this weekend when it should be ready! Thanks to Amy for suggesting making a loaf from the starter I’m discarding during feedings, I’ll give it a shot tomorrow! It’ll be a good primer for learning and coordinating rising the dough with my tight schedule.

Alison and I stopped at Urban Source a neat little arts & crafts store on Main st, on the way to my parents house. I snapped a couple shots of some van graffitti in the alley.

1 comment
  1. Amy said:

    Really vibrant graffiti shots. Digging the “Beautiful British Columbia” on the license plate. Looking forward to seeing some bread soon! (You’re welcome, and no pressure!)

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