Roaming Dragon round 2.

Today ended up being a really nice day out so it was a great opportunity to head downtown for some shopping. Alison and I wanted some new headphones so off we went!

On the way, we stopped to take some shots of A’s personal style for her blog (The Inspired Biologist). Model first, fun later! haha

Before we left we looked at the location of the Roaming Dragon and put it at Vancouver Markets and when we approached Robson and Burrard… FOOD TRUCK! We stopped and picked up some of the rice balls and tuna tataki sammy’s. The rice balls are hands down my favorite… curry mayo  and deliciousness SO good. The tuna tataki sammy’s were a hit too. I’m always hesitant to get tataki because it’s usually overcooked and over seasoned but this was a pleasant surprise. Lightly seared (as tataki should be) with a generous crispy shell which added a nice texture for the rest of the sandwich in a brioche bun. The first bite was quite brioche-y but as I explored the sandwich more, each bite seemed to bring another flavour. Definitely recommend this for any adventurous tataki fan who craves a deep and rich flavour profile.

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