Hoyne Brewery.

Just a quick beer post!

I picked up a bunch of beer for a beer night we’ll be having in the near future (can’t wait!!). I guess I couldn’t wait actually, since I opened one… anyways.

I’ve been pretty happy with Hoyne Brewing, I think it’s pretty new or at least I haven’t seen it around before. In the history of their webpage the brewmaster is quoted saying:

“Make great beer,” Frank told me. “The rest will follow.” While my understanding of the craft has matured over the years, Frank gave me the foundation I needed. I strive to create interesting and thoroughly enjoyable beer. Beer that looks good in the glass, feels good in the mouth, and lifts the spirit—and for that, I am proud.

This kind of resonates with Steve Jobs’ speech about the only way to do truly great work, is to love what you do.

As you can tell, this beer is DARK hence the name “Dark Matter”. What I love about it is the balance of how dark and ‘meaty’ it is while still being light enough that you don’t get full drinking it. Nice and fresh! Love it.

I think I’ll start delving a bit deeper into flavour profiles in my blog posts. I’ve refrained from talking about ‘notes’ and whatnot before but it’s necessary to really describe flavours.


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