Pronto: Porchetta sandwich.

I was out on a photo shoot for work documenting a couple aging Vancouver firehalls a couple weeks ago, so on my way back to the office I figured I’d stop for a bite to eat. A few things rolled through my mind, fast food (barf), safeway style deli (uninspiring) or… Pronto. DEAL.

I had been once before with my A and my friend Makito, and I’m all for trying a new porchetta sandwich. The bun is a nice and fresh crispy bun and the pork is tender, salty, flavourful, juicy… I could go on. It’s topped off with a generous helping of crispy, fatty crackling. I washed it down with a rootbeer from Boylan Soda Co.

So I was the weirdo eating by myself and taking pictures of my food at the bar!



  1. aaaaamy said:

    Yum, looks good. What was the soda?

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