Vancouver Craft Beer Week – Biercraft + Phillips

So glad I managed to get out for one of the brewmaster’s dinners during Vancouver Craft Beer Week  with A and my sister. I went to the Howe Sound Brewery at Central Bistro last year with my sister and we talked about it for months afterwards so it’s good that we went to one this year!

I’ll let the photo’s do the talking because my writing is terrible… but I want to start with the first pairing: smoked tomato gazpacho & chorizo and lobster with the Hopiration Tripel IPA. In my opinion this was the best pairing of the night. Everything about each component complimented each other. The smokey tomato base paired brought out the rich belgian yeast flavour. Second bite: the tart acidity of tomato with the floral citrus hop character of all great IPA’s. The spicy finish of the chorizo finished the glass with a light and fresh bitterness. Good thing they refilled your glass whenever it was empty!

We were lucky to have a such a nice dinner guest seated at our table! J came alone to the event to sample the local beer because he was in town, from Boston, for a convention. Great to meet you!

The masters:

Unbelievable… great work guys, really. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to meet up with the guys from Phillips again for some more pairings!

  1. thesandincalifornia. said:

    great photos! looks like a really cozy place.

    • Thanks for the comment! Biercraft is great, they specialize in Belgian imports and have a great menu.

  2. Excellent shots! I loathe photographing food/drinks but these shots inspire me to try harder!

    • hehe thanks! I love photographing food and drinks. I always have to remember to take the shot before I dive into my food cause I’m too excited…
      Keep up the good work

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