Fish tacos in Stanley Park.

When I woke up this morning I checked the news on my phone while I was still getting my head around being awake, as usual, and noticed a story about a new food truck in Stanley Park. This one is called Feastro, the Rolling Bistro and they’re committed to fresh, local and quality food.

My in-laws had mentioned a while ago about a food truck on the Sunshine Coast, in Davis Bay, that was serving delicious food but we never had the chance to make it despite spending a good amount of time in Roberts Creek. So as we approached the truck today and noticed all the acclimation’s from newspapers, magazines and whatnot we saw the photos of them serving on the beach and connected the dots.

Well, I’m (we’re) happy they’ve found a spot in Vancouver and are welcome with open arms!

I ordered the basic Fish Taco – “crispy chickpea battered line-caught Alaskan cod, tomato/anise chutney, shaved cabbage, tikka masala yogurt, and hand-cut salsa.”

A ordered the Prawn and Proscuitto taco – “tomato/anise chutney, shaved cabbage, sour cream and fresh hand-cut salsa, fresh avocado and pickled jalapenos.” And we shared a bag of fresh frites.

Their commitment to fresh and local food really shines and the food they produce directly reflects that belief. Each bite was full of that nice sharpness of flavour you get from fresh produce. My fish was cooked to perfection and paired nicely with the tangy chutney and spiced yogurt. I’m a big fan of cilantro so I was very pleased to have a healthy portion of it.

A’s prawns were delicate and not overcooked, as prawns should be but rarely are, and paired well with the proscuitto.

We’ll be back and I would recommend the trip over if you’re in the area.

Thanks Feastro!

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