Hunting for Architecture: Ocean Towers preview

I’ve been thinking about how to expand the breadth of my blog for a while now and I think I’ve come up with a good idea. I’m going to develop a portfolio of architectural photography by touring a single building at a time. It will help me get out to explore my city and to focus on one building at a time to learn and appreciate the architectural nuances of my subjects.

I’ve had the opportunity to shoot a couple buildings by HCMA, the firm I’m currently working for, and I’d like to continue to develop the skills I’m picking up.

Photographing stationary objects seems to be more difficult than people for me. I find buildings difficult to read and to figure out how to begin telling their story through imagery. Sometimes the most powerful images only tell part of the story and allow the viewer to make up the rest. Each image needs to have a story, it needs to intrigue the viewer enough to encourage them to keep looking. Maybe they don’t immediately know why the like the image, but they’re compelled to look… That’s what I want to do.

First up: Ocean Towers.

Built in 1957 by Chow Nelson & Associates Architects.

International Style.


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