Education as Site: Using Architecture to Communicate Nature’s Behaviours.

I’ve finally gotten around to having the energy/desire to post my thesis work online. I’m very proud of the work I did in the amount of time I feel I actually had direction. Without further adieu:


This thesis is an architectural exploration of The Serpentine Fen Wildlife Area in Surrey, British Columbia as a public park and an opportunity for environmental education for children. As public education becomes more environmentally con- scious, there is a need for architecture that sup- ports how the child interacts with and perceives their natural environments.

This thesis proposes the use of a single archi- tectural element as a transition between multiple site conditions to create a dynamic link between earth, air, water which affords the abilitity for a relationship to be developed between the user and their environment. This element will consist- ently be present in the user’s journey through the site and serves to encourage interaction with the identified site conditions. The thesis investi- gates how this continous element acts as locus, datum, frame, reference, stage and devise to en- hance the child’s experience of nature.

Thesis question:

How can architecture create a connection be- tween children and nature?

I’m definitely not going to post the body of the work here, though I will post a link at the bottom for those of you brave enough to open it.

Instead, I’ll just post the images I made!


Site. Extra / Large SurreyThe Serpentine Wildlife Area

Site conditions:

Site conditions







Link to archived pdf.

I have a series of models that I made that I haven’t properly documented yet but I will do in the near future. I also did a lot more mini-renders, 2 for each ‘site condition’ and another 15 to describe the wood ribbon path throughout the site. After I document how they were presented, I’ll do another post about that.

Final pinup:


I’ll have my degree in-hand hopefully by mid-June because I won’t be attending convocation on May 22nd.



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