This is a continuation of the Stephen Shore inspired street photography work. Nothing special but it was nice to get out for a ride in the beautiful autumn weather we’re having in Halifax.


Here is my feeble attempt at some street photography inspired by Stephen Shore, for my photography elective that I’m taking. I decided to go heavy with the VSCO film presets on this one too for fun and to give it a more retro look. I’m actually not unhappy with the results.

I just picked up my camera and went for a walk around downtown Halifax, which really is only 2 streets (Spring Garden and Barrington). As I take more photographs and get into the “groove” while shooting, it becomes easier and easier to disregard how crazy I must look. I usually end up just going for the shot I want and don’t pay attention to how people feel about me taking their photo. Thus far, I haven’t been met with any hostility and people usually look like they feel guilty about “interfering” in the shot by ducking or sheepishly smiling as they walk by.

I apologize for the lack of content recently. I’m about halfway through the first semester (“Thesis Prep”) of my thesis for my Master of Architecture.

It’s rather time, effort, energy, concentration, imagination, enthusiasm, motivation… etc intensive hence my lack of posting photos. I’m hoping to get out to PEI for a photography adventure for my elective soon, but we’ll see!

Here’s a map I’m working on showing just the building footprints and roads in Surrey, BC. Nothing special, but I’m hoping it begins to inform me about the relationship between the built and natural environment in Surrey. Surrey isn’t very dense at all, it’s basically made up of two things: suburban housing and the agricultural land reserve. “Surrey City Centre” is basically a strip of malls along the highway, a couple residential towers and they sky train… long way to go. I have high hopes for the city though, I feel that it has the potential to be an amazing city but there are a lot of contentious developments exasperating the degradation of the natural landscape that isn’t contributing to the city moving forward. Anyways… quick graphic.

Reza in the studio, test.

I’m taking a photography course at school and the current assignment is rephotography. Halifax has a decent amount of history (relatively speaking for Canada) and we are supposed to retake historical photographs and then merge them together.

The next assignment involves animation so I was immediately reminded of the beautifully animated GIF’s by Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg co-creators of the “cinemagraph” that Alison turned me onto.

Here is my first attempt at a cinemagraph. It took me about 30s to set up the scene: “ok reza, stay completely still then look at the camera and turn back.” Shot done. About 30 minutes of tutorial shopping, I settled on one from netmagazine which I found the easiest to follow. Then about an hour of actually making the clip, adjusting animation, deleting frames to get filesize down etc.. and here we are!

Alison and I are in Portland, Oregon taking a well-deserved vacation before I head back to Halifax to finish my masters. We’re staying at the awesome Ace Hotel!

We’re busy eating, drinking and soaking up the amazing city! Lots more posts to come all about our visit!

We’ll be here until the 1st and I’ll be posting when we get back. Can’t wait to share!



This is a bit of a “blast from the past” post because I haven’t had adequate material to blog about for the last ~week.

A couple years ago I did an exchange in Glasgow and one of the school trips led us to Porto, Portugal. This trip was one of the biggest highlights of my time abroad. Porto was just such a cool old city with very visible history dating almost 2000 years ago. Super cool… I would love to go back.

Anyways, the prof’s that organized the trip also organized a couple tours of some of Alvaro Siza’s buildings, a world-class Portuguese architect local to Porto. Our first stop was to the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art. I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking.