I’ve finally gotten around to having the energy/desire to post my thesis work online. I’m very proud of the work I did in the amount of time I feel I actually had direction. Without further adieu:


This thesis is an architectural exploration of The Serpentine Fen Wildlife Area in Surrey, British Columbia as a public park and an opportunity for environmental education for children. As public education becomes more environmentally con- scious, there is a need for architecture that sup- ports how the child interacts with and perceives their natural environments.

This thesis proposes the use of a single archi- tectural element as a transition between multiple site conditions to create a dynamic link between earth, air, water which affords the abilitity for a relationship to be developed between the user and their environment. This element will consist- ently be present in the user’s journey through the site and serves to encourage interaction with the identified site conditions. The thesis investi- gates how this continous element acts as locus, datum, frame, reference, stage and devise to en- hance the child’s experience of nature.

Thesis question:

How can architecture create a connection be- tween children and nature?

I’m definitely not going to post the body of the work here, though I will post a link at the bottom for those of you brave enough to open it.

Instead, I’ll just post the images I made!


Site. Extra / Large SurreyThe Serpentine Wildlife Area

Site conditions:

Site conditions







Link to archived pdf.

I have a series of models that I made that I haven’t properly documented yet but I will do in the near future. I also did a lot more mini-renders, 2 for each ‘site condition’ and another 15 to describe the wood ribbon path throughout the site. After I document how they were presented, I’ll do another post about that.

Final pinup:


I’ll have my degree in-hand hopefully by mid-June because I won’t be attending convocation on May 22nd.



My thesis title is Site as Education: Using Architecture to Communicate Nature’s Behaviours.

My thesis question is: how can architecture create a connection between children and nature?

The concept is to use a single architectural element that transitions between 5 different tectonic conditions of the site to afford unique experiences in each condition. The architecture is a simple wooden ribbon that twists, wraps, folds, flows and threads its way through the Serpentine Wildlife Area in Surrey, BC. As part of a larger ecological and environmental pedagogy and curriculum , the ribbon will form classrooms along the path for early childhood environmental education. By interacting with the architecture, the user will be encouraged to interact with their immediate environment.

Here are a couple images I have been working on:


Birdwatching and jungle gym pavilion.

Kindergarten entry building.

Kindergarten entry building.

I’m currently working in my final project for my Masters of Architecture so I have not put any effort into formulating posts. Hopefully I’ll be finished this spring but there is a possibility it might continue into late summer… I sure hope not though!

I’m looking forward to getting back home and digging my feet back into the amazing beer and food scene in Vancouver and the pacific northwest!


I apologize for the lack of content recently. I’m about halfway through the first semester (“Thesis Prep”) of my thesis for my Master of Architecture.

It’s rather time, effort, energy, concentration, imagination, enthusiasm, motivation… etc intensive hence my lack of posting photos. I’m hoping to get out to PEI for a photography adventure for my elective soon, but we’ll see!

Here’s a map I’m working on showing just the building footprints and roads in Surrey, BC. Nothing special, but I’m hoping it begins to inform me about the relationship between the built and natural environment in Surrey. Surrey isn’t very dense at all, it’s basically made up of two things: suburban housing and the agricultural land reserve. “Surrey City Centre” is basically a strip of malls along the highway, a couple residential towers and they sky train… long way to go. I have high hopes for the city though, I feel that it has the potential to be an amazing city but there are a lot of contentious developments exasperating the degradation of the natural landscape that isn’t contributing to the city moving forward. Anyways… quick graphic.

Today was the first official day of school. I have now begun the final step of my architectural education to complete my masters of architecture.

I share a studio with my friend Reza Nik (RN) so our initials together are [RN]². We decided that we’d spend the day organizing our studio and pulling all of our old supplies out of the random places we have stored it for the last 2 years while we were away working. I think we’re pretty well set as far as supplies go and have organized our space to suit our working methods.

I’ll likely be posting about my progress here and there when I have content to post so stay tuned!


I also modified my Bern helmet to be more… rn.

I’ve finally gotten around procrastinating my procrastination to edit the photos instead of doing school work, which I’m already neck deep in because of procrastination. Enough is enough!

We were on the YVR – PDX train at 6:40am and on our way to Coffeeland!

We arrived mid-afternoon and decided we could just walk from the train station to the Ace Hotel where we were going to be staying. Portland is a great city for walkability and the walk only took about 15 minutes to get in. We chose to stay at the Ace because, well it’s super hipster and we figured it would be a fun experience. When in Rome.

After checking in and dropping our gear off we did a bit of research to see where we could grab a bite to eat and start checking out the city a bit. We saw that the Deschutes Brewery was nearby and decided to check it out. In Vancouver we do get lots of beer from all over the world but pacific northwest craft beer is a big thing so we do get some Deschutes and Elysian often. It was nice to be able to check out the brewery and pub though!

We got an outside table, it was still fairly nice out and warm enough to still be comfortable in shorts and a tshirt. We picked a flight of beer for each of us to get a good sampling of what Deschutes has to offer! I read on Urbanspoon that the elk burger is a must so I went with a medium rare elk and Alison went with another burger on special.

After dinner we went on a leisurely stroll around a few blocks to start scoping out places we wanted to go. We didn’t arrive with a plan, which was the kind of vacation we needed. Neither of us wanted to have a stressful jam-packed adventure that took us anywhere and everywhere with no time to stop and smell the roses. Our trip started blind and we just went with the flow.

After walking around a bit, we stopped into Whole Foods to pick up some beer (gotta love that you can buy beer from Whole Foods). I’m a big fan of pumpkin beer and we noticed that the New York brewery Southern Tier already had one out! We picked up a bottle of the Pumking Ale (and a few others) and headed back to the hotel to unwind for the night.

Excellent, low-stress start to our vacation!