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I don’t think I can accurately describe how special it was to be able to see these costumes and props from the movies that have brought me such wonderment and comfort over the years… While I was staying with my brother, we watched Episodes 4-6 again, and it reminded me of our childhood and how these movies fostered our imagination and creativity over the years…

We stared deep into the eyes of the exalted one, Jabba the Hut, oggled Princess Leia’s gold bikini, felt the plight of Han Solo frozen in carbonite, felt the comfort of Master Yoda, marvelled at the Imperial fleet, and trembled at the feet of Darth Vader!

Thanks again to the Telus World of Science Edmonton for hosting this amazing exhibit, and to my brother for sharing it with me!

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Happy Birthday Dad!

the inspired biologist

A few weeks ago, we celebrated my father-in-law Rob’s 60th birthday with a surprise party!  We started the day with a picnic with Ryan and Michelle’s cousin Christle and her husband Floyd, who came over from the Island (Floyd wearing the most amazing Marvel Hero shorts of course)!   The Sidhus hosted the party in their beautiful new home and Rob’s friends and family all joined in on the surprise (nice work Jeri)!!   With nearly a bottle of scotch given as a gift by every guest, Rob’s now got quite the library!  Happy 60th to my wonderful father-in-law – you deserve it!

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I’ve finally gotten around procrastinating my procrastination to edit the photos instead of doing school work, which I’m already neck deep in because of procrastination. Enough is enough!

We were on the YVR – PDX train at 6:40am and on our way to Coffeeland!

We arrived mid-afternoon and decided we could just walk from the train station to the Ace Hotel where we were going to be staying. Portland is a great city for walkability and the walk only took about 15 minutes to get in. We chose to stay at the Ace because, well it’s super hipster and we figured it would be a fun experience. When in Rome.

After checking in and dropping our gear off we did a bit of research to see where we could grab a bite to eat and start checking out the city a bit. We saw that the Deschutes Brewery was nearby and decided to check it out. In Vancouver we do get lots of beer from all over the world but pacific northwest craft beer is a big thing so we do get some Deschutes and Elysian often. It was nice to be able to check out the brewery and pub though!

We got an outside table, it was still fairly nice out and warm enough to still be comfortable in shorts and a tshirt. We picked a flight of beer for each of us to get a good sampling of what Deschutes has to offer! I read on Urbanspoon that the elk burger is a must so I went with a medium rare elk and Alison went with another burger on special.

After dinner we went on a leisurely stroll around a few blocks to start scoping out places we wanted to go. We didn’t arrive with a plan, which was the kind of vacation we needed. Neither of us wanted to have a stressful jam-packed adventure that took us anywhere and everywhere with no time to stop and smell the roses. Our trip started blind and we just went with the flow.

After walking around a bit, we stopped into Whole Foods to pick up some beer (gotta love that you can buy beer from Whole Foods). I’m a big fan of pumpkin beer and we noticed that the New York brewery Southern Tier already had one out! We picked up a bottle of the Pumking Ale (and a few others) and headed back to the hotel to unwind for the night.

Excellent, low-stress start to our vacation!

So happy these turned out well! It was fun making them for your parents, despite my migraine…

the inspired biologist

Ryan recently has perfected our fish tacos by making homemade falafel crunchies!  The fish tacos are super simple and really refreshing for a summer dinner!  Ryan mashed up chickpeas, add flour, curry powder, salt and lime juice and formed them into little balls and deep fried them in cooking oil until they are browned.  We make a simple mango/tomato/cilantro/lime juice salsa, cut up some purple cabbage for crunch and colour and add that to a lightly salt/peppered pan-fried white fish, all wrapped into a soft tortilla with a smear of curry mayo!  Yum!


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A friend of mine from school who’s been busy photographing in Toronto asked if I would be interested in contributing to Houzz. I’m always interested in new learning opportunities so I jumped on this! This is my first post on Houzz and I know I have a lot to learn, but I’m very excited!

Anyways, please stop by and have a look! I’m always interested in some constructive criticism too, please don’t hesitate.

Congratulations on 20 years Suki and Surinder!

I have known the Sidhu family for almost as long as I can remember. Our families have been close since Suki and my mom started working together (and still do) over 20 years ago. I even remember going to Suki and Surinder’s wedding when I was 8 years old. They are truly some of the best people I have ever met and I am honoured to be considered a part of their family.

Romeena coordinated the surprise 20th Anniversary party which included a night at the Pan Pacific Hotel, a portrait photography session (with Alison and me of course!) and a big party held at the Coal Harbour Community Centre with the whole family. Good job Romeena!

You guys are the best, I love you with all my heart and I look forward to the next 20 years!

I was out on a photo shoot for work documenting a couple aging Vancouver firehalls a couple weeks ago, so on my way back to the office I figured I’d stop for a bite to eat. A few things rolled through my mind, fast food (barf), safeway style deli (uninspiring) or… Pronto. DEAL.

I had been once before with my A and my friend Makito, and I’m all for trying a new porchetta sandwich. The bun is a nice and fresh crispy bun and the pork is tender, salty, flavourful, juicy… I could go on. It’s topped off with a generous helping of crispy, fatty crackling. I washed it down with a rootbeer from Boylan Soda Co.

So I was the weirdo eating by myself and taking pictures of my food at the bar!